Let’s be brand new…

This blog is all about new beginnings.

For me, Charlie, new is about being a happier and healthier person. Healthier physically and healthier mentally too. Hopefully that will then bring me happiness.

I am happy with my life, to a certain extent. I have a great job, a wonderful family and opportunities within my life that people would kill for. I have ‘the boy’ shall we call him. We’ve just bought a house together and if I’m honest that was the turning point for me.

I was just being me, seeing friends going to the gym, going on holiday and living my life to the full like any other 21 year old, when I was made to make a huge decision. To buy a house or not to buy a house. And what did we do… We bought the house. The boy and I bought the house, our first home. However it was last December that we did that and because it’s a new build we have had to wait until June for it. The boy and his parents moved over a 100 miles away, and I’ve been waiting for this house ever since.

I quit the gym, I quit the partying, I quit being me for a house that wasn’t ready for over 6 months. I now look at myself in the mirror and don’t even recognise the person I am. I’m still Charlie, but a less happier version and one that weighs about 2 stone more from just pure boredom.

Let’s be brand new… Let’s make change and it’s be happy and healthy.

This is going to be my journey through getting to a happier and healthier lifestyle. I want to prove to myself that I can do this. I want to be an inspiration to those around me and maybe even to those that read this.

Catch ya later.

Charlie xxxx